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My name is Natalie Joelyn Becker. In my books, I go by njb but some people call me Nat. I am a creator in many forms and love to share my experiences and adventures with the world. 

I grew up in Michigan in the same house my whole life with my parents and my dog. I went to Grand Valley State University, where I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 5 years of my life. I graduated with a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree with an emphasis in Meeting and Event Management.

With a dream of always wanting to move warm, my boyfriend and I packed up and traveled down to Charlotte, North Carolina in January 2021. Moving was the best decision I have ever made. It has opened me up to so many new and exciting opportunities. Taking the leap of faith to travel states away has opened many doors I never knew existed and for that I am thankful. 

I am very strong-minded and passionate about supporting mental illness. It has always been a part of my story but never something that I let define me. I have always wanted to help others by just being kind as well as sharing my story in hopes it helps another along the way.

I am still learning just like you. I am excited about the journey as I grow.

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