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Hey, y'all, I am back and better than ever. After taking some needed time off, I have spent the last year prepping to launch my all-things gluten-free Instagram page. I secured the username @alwaysaglutenfreegal a few months back as I started scheduling and planning my posts.

The purpose of the page is to be a resource for anyone who wants to go gluten-free or simply has to, not by choice. I have spent months traveling to different cities across the US exploring their gluten-free eats. Join me on my celiac journey for gluten-free recs all over the US, copycat nat meals, Charlotte hot spots, my favorite products + educational posts, and topics featured on my blog.


Finding out I was severely celiac was an extreme life change that affected me in various aspects of my life, not just physically. Over 6 years ago, when I was diagnosed, "gluten-free" was becoming a fad diet and there wasn't much research on what to eat, what not to eat, what products are safe, what's a gluten allergy vs celiac disease, quite literally everything I touch has to be gluten-free. This meant no more of grandma's famous mostaccioli, no more Velveeta mac and cheese, late-night Taco Bell runs, or Talenti's caramel cookie crunch ice cream that was sitting in my freezer. It felt impossible and I was so lost while still getting SO sick even after cutting gluten out completely.


It took years to find my footing but I am finally in a good place with it all. So have no fear, nat is here to solve all of your gf needs.

Living with celiac disease for several years now has not only changed my diet but my lifestyle. While consistent pain, and getting through the motions of it all did suck, it was helpful to find resources to help navigate through the difficult time of starting over from everything you ever knew. You quickly learn that gluten is in almost everything from toothpaste to detergent, not just the bread on your countertop. It's the toaster your dad used with his glutenous toast yesterday morning, it's the peanut butter after the knife touches glutenous bread and goes back into the jar, it's the chapstick you bought years ago that remains in your purse and the cleaning polish they use at the dentist, it is everywhere. My best advice is to be on top of it, become a label reader + seek to understand what you are putting in or on your body.


I am starting this Instagram to be an outlet for anyone who needs it. I want to share my wealth of knowledge on this disease to make people aware of how much effect it has on our bodies but also to show you all the fun + exciting places I've been to and seen.

Follow @alwaysaglutenfreegal for creative foodie content, you will be in gluten-free heaven! Let me show you how to make gluten-free eating fun!

Cheers! 😋


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