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Who knew being celiac meant you had to read and figure out what the heck is in all your beauty products; but it's true, after the first 2 years of my diagnosis and going completely gluten-free, it was brought to my attention that it may be in the products I am using. I was still having a slew of symptoms from excessive weight loss and then gain, resulting in my stomach lining still inflamed and constant stomach pain.

My doctor put it in perspective that I will always have to be an advocate for my health. I need to put in the time to learn about it to help myself. It is a job in itself to do, but I am here to make it easier on you and provide you with the necessary resources to best help yourself!

The most common myth is that using glutenous beauty + skin care products will cause a bad rash or have an effect on just your skin. While this could be true, it can also further damage the lining of your stomach just as ingesting it can. For me, I get severe stomach + back pain followed by chronic bloating and eczema.


My go-to app is Skinsafe. Skin Safe has saved me from painful flare-ups and kept my skin clear + clean. When buying any new products or even re-buying old ones I simply search for them on Skin Safe, it's important to keep in mind, that products are always changing formulas to make them better, so make sure you're keeping up to make sure it remains safe for use. They will calculate a percentage of what they consider healthy for your skin. It's based on harmful chemicals and sharing what the product is "free of". Popular icons that populate are paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, dye-free, and more.

Follow @alwaysaglutenfreegal on Instagram for more gluten-free tips + tricks on how to be safe when using beauty products!


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