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So we've heard about girl math, we've even heard about dog math but have you heard about gluten-free math?

It's when you go to the store and buy five things + the bill costs over $60 every time. It's paying extra for your meal at a restaurant but getting a smaller portion. It's buying bread at the store for double the price that is smaller than the size of my hand. It's using all your gas to drive out of the way to get a gluten-free treat only for them not to have it that day. It's having to spend more on Tito's at the bar because the house liquor typically is made from wheat and the know-it-all bartender that doesn't know the majority of liquor is not celiac-safe. It's paying triple the cost to make that holiday cocktail everyone is getting gluten-free but you HAVE to get it.

Gluten-free math leads to dairy-free math which means $6 for a small bag of cheddar cheese shreds, and $15 for a dairy-free frozen pizza. It means going to your favorite health food store to only find they are out of your favorite product. It's getting excited when you see plant-based cheese on the menu only to be an additional $4 than dairy-filled cheese. It's paying extra for milk not made from cows in your coffee at Starbucks. It's never finding cream of chicken soup at the grocery store + having to bulk order it from Amazon for way more than your friendsgiving is worth. It's wasting time + energy trying to find a restaurant with gluten-free + dairy-free options only to go to the same place you went to yesterday because they made you feel safe to eat there. It's sucking it up and eating dairy because you don't want to get two separate pizzas because your boyfriend is allergic to coconut. It's going to three grocery stores in one day to get all your gf + df products.


Gluten-free Math is creating an Instagram account with all things gluten-free to help celiacs + other allergy-free people save money and time to get the best of the best products, restaurants, and recommendations! You don't need to do the research, I already have. Follow @alwaysaglutenfreegal for more educational + creative foodie content!

This is gluten-free math, and quite literally none of it is FREE.


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